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Sprinkler System Installation in Billings, MTEvery homeowner wants a lush, green lawn, but only the proper cultivation and watering techniques will yield results. This is possible if your grass is well cultivated and a functional watering system is installed. It’s time to put a quality sprinkler system on your yard if you haven’t already. We offer such a fantastic sprinkler system installation service here in Rick's Sprinkler and Lawn Inc! Therefore, if you live in the Billings, MT region and want to experience exceptional installation service, give us a call to get a fully-functional sprinkler system installed right now!

Reliable Sprinkler System Installation in Billings, MT

Why Should You Hire a Pro to Install Your Sprinklers?

The benefits and drawbacks of installing a sprinkler system on your lawn must be considered. You should engage a professional to install your sprinkler system if you want it to be done correctly and efficiently since, if you must know, these systems are much more difficult than you think. You won’t have to worry about backflow issues if you use a professional sprinkler installation provider since they have specific equipment to stop it from happening. Additionally, you get to benefit from the comfort of hiring them because all you ever need to do is sit back and unwind while they install the system.

Reliable Sprinkler System Installation in Billings, MT

Your sprinklers can be installed by us for you!

You can always count on our staff to assist you with the installation of your sprinkler system if you want it to be done effectively and without any problems. We promise to give you the right installation service, one that you won’t regret thanks to our skilled installation crew. If your trees are obstructing your system’s route, we make care to inspect their roots. We begin the sprinkler installation after the path is clear. Additionally, we’ll make sure the appropriate backflow prevention equipment is installed.


Upgrade today with Sprinkler System Installation!

You can trust Rick's Sprinkler and Lawn Inc for high-quality sprinkler system installation service! Give us a call at (406) 672-4175 wherever your residential property is located in the Billings, MT region to have it fitted straight away!

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