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Gone are the days of dragging garden hoses around your property just to ensure your lawn is properly watered. Thanks to convenient lawn sprinkler systems, it has now been easier for property owners to keep their garden lush and watered. But you need the right team for the installation of your sprinkler systems to ensure they will last. Here at Rick's Sprinkler and Lawn Inc, we have outlined the common questions that we get from clients and provided clear answers below. Check it out now!

Will a new sprinkler system really be worth it?

Yes. It will be totally worth it considering the amount of time you will save from watering your lawn. Your new lawn sprinkler system will do all the hard work for you. Yes, even if you are away. Not only will you save the hassle but also the cost of inefficient manual watering.

What kind of maintenance do my sprinkler systems require?

Your new sprinkler system, just like other systems on your property, will need some maintenance. But it will be totally worth it considering the benefits that come with having one. Also, you don’t have to handle its maintenance needs alone as you can simply turn to your trusted lawn sprinkler system contractor for the job.

How much will a good sprinkler system cost?

The cost of a new lawn sprinkler system installation service depends on several factors like the size of the job, special designs, number of zones, type of your landscape, and the products used. While we at Rick's Sprinkler and Lawn Inc can’t give you a quote now, we can ensure that our rates will remain very affordable. In fact, we remain to be among the cheapest providers of high-quality sprinkler services in Billings, MT.

Will a sprinkler system use more water than manually watering?

No. In fact, having one will conserve water. Here at our company, we ensure every lawn sprinkler system installation job is done properly to ensure that our clients get the full benefits and efficiency of their new system. There will surely be no water wastage. Wasting water will now be a thing in the past as innovative sprinkler systems will automatically turn off when it senses rain.

How hard is it to operate and program your sprinkler systems?

It wouldn’t be that hard at all. Our high-quality professional yard sprinkler system installation services come with ease of operations. Talk to us so we can provide you with the most ideal system that will suit all your needs.

Which areas can you cater to?

Our company is based on Billings, MT but we also offer our exemplary sprinkler system installation services to those in the nearby areas. Here’s the list of the other towns that we can now also cater to:

  • Broadview Town, MT
  • Laurel, MT
  • Park, MT

Like most people, you might also have a lot of questions to ask before finalizing your decision whether to get a sprinkler system for yourself or not. We hope we have somehow helped you by answering the questions that we frequently get from most of our customers. If you have other inquiries or you want to book our services, feel free to contact us at (406) 672-4175 right now!

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